What Clients Say

“Your ability to quickly understand our industry and the business proposition we are presenting was very impressive. But your clarity in explaining it back to us really stands out. Both the memo and the presentation are terrific.”

— Douglas Cooper, Managing Director, Commercial Mortgage Asset Management Group,
American Capital Strategies

“Amy repeatedly demonstrated an uncanny ability to help me sort and package all my ideas together, and deliver cogent and articulate work product. My business is complex; Amy is a pro at helping to explain it both succinctly and comprehensively. The amount of work required to put forth excellent materials is daunting and Amy was with me 100% of the way.”

— Paul Siegel, Co-Founder and Managing Principal, Emet Capital Management

“When we formed our firm, Amy was instrumental as a thought partner. She helped us articulate our strategy, market differentiation and value proposition, and distill it all on paper in a coherent, succinct and polished fashion.”

— Adam Blumenthal, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Blue Wolf Capital Management

“After going through several drafts of the PPM, it was clear that although we had good raw material, the messaging of the document needed help. Based on my previous experience of working with Amy, we contacted her and reviewed with her our situation. She was able to understand the business model and the value proposition of our Fund quickly, and was able to translate the material into a compelling marketing document rapidly.”

—  Ezana Bocresion, Copia Agribusiness, Co-Founder and CIO

“We’ve worked with Amy for years; her creative flair and unceasing dedication makes her a strategic asset for our firm.”

— Scott Delman, Managing Partner, DGZ Capital

“Notwithstanding the fact that my partners and I pride ourselves on our ability to communicate, Amy was consistently able to improve upon our draft presentation and PPM in a way that has shown clear benefits with potential investors.”

— Robert J. Fitzsimmons, Managing Partner, High Road Capital Partners

“Amy was very insightful about helping us craft our message, connecting new concepts to established and accepted mental models and language.”

— William Rosenzweig, Managing Director, Physic Ventures

“Amy’s versatile and strong communications skills were a great asset to Latin America M&A, and led to higher-quality work by the group. Amy’s expertise on sell-side transactions helps ensure a smoother process that helps get deals done, and at higher prices. She was extremely effective in working with our clients on our most challenging deals.”

— Nicolas Aguzin, Managing Director, Head of Latin America M&A, J.P. Morgan

“Your efforts resulted in an enormous improvement to the PPM and clearly helped shape our value proposition!!! Thank you!!”

— Confidential client

“I have received extremely positive comments on your [writing] workshops, congratulations! Both the techniques and the way you conducted the sessions (with so much preparation and personalized attention) were complimented.”

— Elizabeth Ladu, Director, Credit Lyonnais Securities (USA)

“Amy did an excellent job. She was exceptionally well prepared, made thoughtful comments, got the group engaged and kept them engaged.”

— Writing workshop participant

“With very little notice and a tight deadline, Amy took what we thought were good messages about our firm and turned them into outstanding messages.”

— Robert Hartheimer, Principal, Promontory Financial Group

“Amy’s ability to quickly dissect the essence of the value proposition we wanted to convey and then repackage it in a way that was compelling and easy to understand was tremendous. The work product that she championed for us was dramatically better than the one we started with.”

— James Johnsen, Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company and Partner, Vision Media Investors

“Thanks to Amy, my work has undergone a marked difference for the better: more focus, clarity, and impact. Her methods and feedback helped me to break down big, complex ideas and express them clearly. My writing is easier to understand and more actionable.”

— Madeleine Homan, coach, speaker and writer; The Ken Blanchard Companies