Selected Clients


Accrue Sports and Entertainment Ventures
American Capital Strategies
Argosy Capital
Artiman Ventures
Avalon Ventures
Blue Wolf Capital Management
Bradford Ventures
BRM Capital
C.P. Eaton Partners
CapGen Financial Group
Capital Z Investments and sponsored funds
Chartwell Investments
Community Development Venture
Capital Alliance
Copia Agribusiness
DGZ Capital
Emerald Stage 2 Ventures
Emet Capital Management
Florida Capital Partners
G-51 Capital
Goense & Co.
High Road Capital Partners
Humane Capital
Istithmar World Capital
Long Point Capital
Milestone Venture Partners
MPM Capital
NBK Capital
New India Ventures
OpenAir Ventures
Paine & Partners
Pantheon Partners
Physic Ventures
Pinecreek Capital Partners
Psilos Group
Riordan, Lewis & Haden
The Riverside Company
Trivella Investimentos
Veronis Suhler Stevenson
Vision Media Investors
vSpring Capital


Atlas Advisors
Credit Lyonnais Securities
CRG Partners and predecessor firm, TRG
Iosil Energy Corp.
J.P. Morgan Investment Bank and clients
NetLogic Microsystems
Promontory Financial Group
Quixotic Systems, Inc.
Wind Products, LLC

… and many confidential clients.