Our Services

Solas Communications’ services have a singular goal: helping clients succeed through better communication. Our approach is rigorous and logical, combining the latest findings in cognitive psychology with the methodology used by strategy consultants worldwide, the Minto Pyramid Principle™. The scope of each engagement is tailored to our client’s needs.

Solas Communications works with established and first-time fund managers and growing companies to help them raise capital more efficiently. We increase their chances of success through highly professional, compelling and concise fundraising materials that meet the needs and surpass the expectations of institutional investors.

We have a deep understanding of what limited partners (LPs) want to see from a venture capital, private equity or other type of fund and what it takes to build a solid foundation of trust with LPs. We believe that thorough and transparent fundraising documents are critical for winning the interest of LPs and facilitate the investment process.

We analyze a planned fund’s competitive position and work with the GP to develop differentiated positioning, a value proposition and key messages. With these serving as our anchors, we determine what information is relevant and appropriate for each stage of the fundraising process and eliminate what’s not. We proactively address LPs’ likely questions and a fund’s potential weaknesses. We advise clients on how to construct investment performance records the way LPs look at them.

We then bring it all together in a set of integrated fundraising documents: private placement memorandum, investor presentation and stand-alone executive summary. We also have strong knowledge of how the rules and regulations that govern the marketing of unregistered securities shape these documents.

We also advise on due diligence materials and prepare management teams to meet with investors.

Solas Communications helps fund managers build and maintain strong relationships with limited partners (LPs) once a fund has closed. We advise on quarterly reporting and annual meetings. For LP meetings, we develop both overall themes and individual presentations, determine speaker roles, and rehearse speakers. We maintain strong relationships with relevant media and and work to build clients’ profiles through considered media outreach.
Solas Communications advises on communications strategy and develops materials for divestitures, mergers and acquisitions. For divestitures, we work with companies and their advisors to develop offering memos and management presentations designed to highlight the company’s sources of value and increase competition among prospective buyers.

Solas Communications also develops strategies for deal announcements and materials for key constituencies — such as shareholders, analysts, and employees — to gain broad support for transactions after announcement.

Solas Communications works with a network of senior professionals to provide a range of complementary services to our clients. These include:

  • Positioning and messaging
  • Visual identity
  • Website design and content
  • Collateral materials
Solas Communications ensures that every presenter’s performance is as strong as the written material behind it. We have particular expertise in English as a second language and cross-cultural presentations. We teach clients how to:

  • Organize key messages and present them with impact
  • Project a comfortable, professional manner
  • Prepare for likely questions and potential negatives
  • Highlight team members’ individual strengths
  • Use visuals effectively
Solas Communications provides customized group training programs and individual coaching to help professionals at all levels write shorter, clearer communications that better meet the needs of decision makers. Using cases and examples from the organization and the participants, we teach participants how to capture and hold their audience’s attention by:

  • Understanding the audience
  • Focusing on key points
  • Organizing ideas logically
  • Supporting points effectively

We have particular expertise in investment committee communications.